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No special message today.
:o) Howdy! :o)
By whatever means you arrived here...
...i hope you find what you're looking for,
and it wasn't your last visit!?

Even if you don't understand all that german stuff...
...a lot of it is self explaining (I hope!).
Beside my link list, which shall be
a little help for orientation in the internet,
you'll find some information about me
and some pictures in my gallery.
You can also leave your tracks in my guestbook.

And now ... have fun clicking around,
says Ulli alias ...
Flower Graphic By Tarkus
In Memoriam Kaete
In the beginning of my internet time in 1998 I happened to meet Kaete by searching the ICQ-Network (instant messenger). kaete.jpg
Kaete told me, she had been a stewardess in her active time, and in retirement she moved from Germany to the USA, because she loved this country.
I never met her personally, but during the years we became confidents and kept in steady contact.
In early 2002 Kaete told me about her cardiopathy and that it overcame. But shortly after this news she disappeared from internet and did not respond to any of my messages.
In may 2002 I received an email from one of her collegues, who found my address on her office computer. He told me that Kaete passed away.
Flower Graphic By Tarkus
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